We all know social media and we are at least on one platform if not more. We use them to be in touch with our loved ones, friends or colleagues and share content. If we look at the statistics it says that more than 3 Billion people are in social media. And of these 3 Billion 80% follow brands they like to keep up to date about them and their offers.

So, if you´re not taking advantage of social media, you’re missing out on a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to reach almost half the world’s population.

You will hear from some people that “Social Media has not brought me any clients” and it might be true! But what they don´t know is that they have not used the correct channel or they have not targeted their ads.

The most important fact about social media is that they store each person´s information such as gender, age, nationality, where they live and what interests they have. With this information you can create your perfect audience. You can pick your client that is eventually going need your services and show them your brand and ad directly. Having this in mind Social Media can be used for different proposals such as

1. Brand Awareness

Depending on the size of your business and the goals you want to achieve you have to first introduce the brand to the world and that they get to know you. Who doesn´t know Coca Cola, Nike, Apple etc. Immediately when you hear these brand names you think of their logos or colours that represent their companies. This is a hard and constant work of brand awareness.

2. Growth

Digital growth is always important as on one hand you want to give a good image and show future clients that you already have had customers and that many people follow you and on the other hand from continuously growing you will receive conversions of customers that buy. So here we have to include growth of: website traffic, followers, likes, comments, etc.

3. Generate Leads

Last but definitely not least is generating leads. Once your brand is established, you have followers, website traffic, people start knowing you, you have humanized and created a clear recognizable brand you can start with social media ads that will generate you direct leads in an inexpensive and effective way.

4. Engage

The perfect client is a client that returns and recommends you. Therefore, we need to engage the clients that have purchased your product or service. You can make giveaways, raffles, give them a special value or treat by creating valuable content on social media.

5. Crisis Management

Sometimes you have to appeal for crisis management as something has gone wrong, someone has spoken negatively about your company or negative news are circulating. With Social Media you have the perfect platform to counter this and show all the positive aspects of your company.

To sum up, Social Media can always be beneficial to your business if you have someone that knows the tools and can guide you through which platforms are the best to choose for your company. Also you can achieve amazing results if a professional marketing person / company helps and refines your Social Media Ads.