Google Ads

Want to show on the 1st line and the 1st page of Google?
Than here you are right! We will help you!

Why Invest Into Google Ads?

Google Ads is the biggest marketing channel platform where you pay per click. Apart from Google being the most used search engine their ADS are not shown only on Google but on many other platforms as it has built over the years a network of over 2 Million partners. So Google Ads is not only a great way of being on the first result in Google search engine but also to engage a clients interest and persue them by showing your display ad on all the internet throughout to that client.

Google´s Massive Reach

Normally when you ask someone a question and they don´t know they say "google it". So Google has become part of our life and everyone is using it. The statistics say they have over 5 Billion searches every day.


Probably the most interesting part is that you can target your audience. Depending on the stage your customer is you have options to advertise to them. You can create simple caption ads or retargeting ads that allow to pitch to clients that have landed before of on your web.


You can adapt the budget to your needs and aim. If you have a smaller budget we need to be more specific and reach out to more quality leads than quantity. If you have a bigger budget we can create awareness of your brand, do branding and convert clients into leads.


The best part of Google Ads are the detailed statistics you receive of each ad you create. They will help us to improve and optimize even more your Ads in the future.

Quick Results

Other than with SEO Google ADS gives you immediate position on the 1rst site and line of Google search engine. So with the ads you are there within minutes other than with strategies like SEO


Google Ads is completely adaptable to the website you have, or we can build a specific landing page, connect it with your emailing platform and many other tools that make it customizable.

Google Ads Certified

As Google Ads Certified Agency I can help you set the correct strategy and create your ads providing you:

Daily Monitoring

Monthly Reports

Lead Generation

Return Of Investment