About Me

Hi, I´m Jasmin Schäfer

Born in Germany and raised in Spain (since 1989) I have developed a mixture of german straightness – professionalism and spanish warmth and socialising.


At the age of 10 when you ask a child what they want to become as an adult you have answers like “Princess, Astronaut, Super Hero or Fireman…” My answer was studying Graphic Design – Marketing – and one day open my own Marketing Agency”.


Since than I have been like a sponge absorbing every information, trend or update in the digital world. I am super passionate about everything related to digital marketing and even on weekends and in my free time you can find me poking around the internet for the latest trends.

My dream has come true and now it´s your turn to fullfill your goals!

More Facts About Me

School Education

Went to the private German School in La Mairena (Ojén) finishing my SAT´s – Selectividad and been educated in German, Spanish & English


Got my master in Digital Marketing & Community Management and many certificates of additional courses done over many years.

Caring Dog Mom

I´m a pet lover with a big heart.

Especially I am in love with my two big boys. Two spanish mastines over 40kg – 40kg of goodness.

Travel Fan

A well deserved holiday is what keeps everyone going. I love traveling the world letting the experience open my mind and bring back new ideas for my clients!

I created Beloved Marketing to make your life easier
and learn to love Digital Marketing

I feel blessed as I had the opportunity from 2007 until 2019 to work as a Marketing Director in different sections such as Retail Shop, A Golf Course, a Developer, Luxury Holiday Acommodation,  and lastly most of the years in Real Estate.


I gained amazing experiences and these years I learnt from the inside of each business how different Marketing strategies and the right design can achieve so much more.


This priceless experience and knowledge have driven me to have the strong desire to help enterpreneures and small businesses to grow and be successful. In 2019 I have decided to start my new adventure and help you!


Nowadays you can find all tools online and can do many things yourself but with the right guidance it becomes a whole new touch and I can help you to reach out to your niche market customers.

What Happy Clients Say: