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SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” So what does that mean?
It means that any search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing have an algorythm that allows to show in the organic ranking the best results. This is influenceable with quality content, link building, a user friendly website and many other tecniques to improve the ranking.

Organic Results

Traffic Growth

Quality Traffic

Performance Metrics

Core SEO Points

So what are we working on when we talk about SEO?

SEO Friendly Content

If you are looking to improve the content and make it SEO friendly you have to focus on the user and use targeted keywords.

Visitor Growth

There are many variations of generating a visitor growth therefore we will use other media and tools to get it out to as many people.

Google Analytics

Probably the most important tool to show us that we are doing our job correctly. Also it will help us to identify the audiences behaviour and optimize the web even more.

Innovative Strategies

We need to set the strategies in order to make the SEO work and therefore we have to be creative and generate unique content.

Link Building

One of the biggest jobs in SEO is generating links. These links can be sources, your own content, recommendations or even other webs linking to your web.

Reputation Management

It is all about the first impression or the user experience. So Online Reputation Management is important to mantain a good image of your business.

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    Advanced Web Marketing Strategies

    Finally SEO is not only about content, links, metrics etc you need to stay up to date about what the search engines change (which they do constantly):

    Emerging Trends
    Search Engines Algorithms
    Technological Advances