Marketing Analysis

Why does Marketing Analytics matter and is it important?

What is Marketing Analytics?

Basically you can only know if any strategy and/or campaign works looking at the numbers, statistcs and results. So this is what the Marketing Analytics are all about. Apart from giving us super important information it tells us the behavious of our audience, our competitors and gives us the opportunity to adjust our marketing to improve the results. There are many

 tools that give us those metrics but the most important ones we use are:

Google Analytics

Between us marketers it is the most used tool as it allows us to see what is going on with our web site, see direct results of each content marketing, the link building, visitors and so many other important metrics.

Social Media Tools

Every Social Media has its own analytical platform where you can follow the metrics and results of your campaigns, especially the paid ads. Here you can learn from the audience and target the campaigns even more.

All our services include a free monthly report of the achieved results.

So What Do We

We analyse the past, the present and try our best to predict the future. All this can be told by the metrics of several tools we use.

Audience Behaviour

Here we investigate what the audience is doing on our web or how the audience is interacting with our campaign.

Visit Growth

How many clients have visited our web site or on social media how many have subscribed or liked our page.

Quality Visitors

The metrics tell us exactly which visitor has spent how much time on a page which gives us a quality ranking.

Call To Action

This for you is obvioulsy the most important number as it reflects how many clients have got in contact with you.